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David Cameron is using up valuable political capital in blocking Juncker | Guy Verhofstadt
There is a clear imperative to address the growing disconnect between Europ...

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Lib Dems 'haven't lost soul' - Clegg
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg will seek to rally his battered party for the general election by reminding them of their liberal "mission".

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'Trojan Horse': Calls for task force
Labour MP Liam Byrne calls for an interfaith task force in Birmingham to defend the rights of Muslim families in the wake of the "Trojan Horse" row.

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Referendum campaigns mark milestone
Campaigners in the Scottish independence debate mark the milestone of 100 days to go until the referendum vote.

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Minimum wage underpayers named
The government has named 25 more employers that have failed to pay their staff the minimum wage, under rules which came in last year.

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