Ofcom uses Rippla data in its annual industry report

August 7, 2012      

We are proud to reveal that data collected and published by Rippla.com was used in Ofcom’s recently released Communications Market Report 2012.

The industry regulator published their annual report a few weeks ago. It contains statistics and analysis of the UK communications sector and is a reference for the industry, stakeholders, and consumers.

Ofcom say this is the first year they have focused on social media and news organisations in such detail.

The report provides context to work Ofcom undertakes in furthering the interests of consumers and citizens in the markets it regulates. The report contains data and analysis on broadcast television and radio, fixed and mobile telephony, and internet take-up and consumption.

The report made several key points. Among them:

» Consumers are beginning to use social networks to navigate content online.

With two-thirds of internet users on Facebook, it generates almost a quarter of all referred traffic to YouTube (23.7%), in contrast to Google's 32.3%. Facebook also refers traffic to other popular websites: BBC (11.2%), eBay (6.7%), Twitter (3.8%), and Wikipedia (3.6%).

» Time on video-sharing sites has increased, as users spend longer on YouTube.

In January 2012, 3.7 billion videos were viewed on YouTube in the UK. While its unique audience remained stable at 19.8 million unique visitors per month on average, the time per person on the site increased by 42% between March 2011 and March 2012, to 1.5 hours.

You can read the full report from here. Rippla data is mentioned from pages 275 – 276.